Frijgards Discography

2019 Chapter Zero [Album]

Chapter Zero

Chapter Zero was recorded and mixed by Christoph Brandes at the Iguana Studios and is the first album written in the new Frijgard formation. It will be released on June 14 2019.

2018 The Sound of Treachery [Single]

The Sound of Trachery

The Sound of Treachery is a track specially written for the short film Tergiversation by director Remo Pini. This Single belongs to no Frijgard album and will be released with a music video in July 2018.

2014 Bellum Aeternum Est [Album]

Bellum Aeternum Est

Bellum Aeternum Est was recorded by Frijgard and BWS Tonstudio and mixed at LSD Tonstudio.It was released on April 4 2014. This album is self-produced and released by Frijgard.

2011 Nebelwacht [Album]


Our first full-length album Nebelwacht was recorded, mixed and mastered at BWS Tonstudio in Gelterkinden.It was released on May 16 2011 on BT Productions.

2009 Morgenrot [Demo]


Morgenrot is our self recorded and self mixed demo CD which was released in October 2009.


  • 01. Aufgang
  • 02. Morgenrot
  • 03. Einst vergessen
  • 04. Feindes Fackeln
  • 05. Der Inquisitor
  • 06. Vereint am Feuerkreis
  • 07. Dem Tod geweiht
  • 08. Sleipnirs Ritt

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